Social Media as Marketing Tool

Social Media

Marketing is the most important part of any business, whether it’s an online business or a local business. When it comes to online business, there are many types of marketing that can benefit your business. Social Media can be the most powerful marketing tool for your both local and online business. But understanding the utilization of social media for marketing is very important.

Social Media

Social media is a platform that allows people to connect with each other. Though this platform, people can also exhibit their portfolios or businesses. Social media can be the best tool of the marketing. Let us assume that we are talking about an online business. For an online business, the social media platform can help a lot in growing the revenue constantly.

On all social networking sites, a feature is enabled to create a page for the business. Through the official business page, anyone can promote their business on that specific social networking website. Many websites allow to create groups and some directly allows to make official profiles.

In this article, we will discuss a few of the social networking websites which allows to create business pages. A few of these include, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook is the largest visited social networking website with the Alexa rank of 3 globally. While Facebook allows people to create profiles for connecting with their friends and family. It also provides the opportunity to business people to create official pages and groups for their business. By this, you can interact with people and showcase your business and market your products via Facebook.

Google Plus

No doubt, Google is on top of the Alexa ranking. Google Plus carries a good reputation among the social networking websites. It also offers to create Brand Pages for your business and promote it among the Google Plus users. This shares a good percentage in the marketing of your business.

LinkedIn and Companies

LinkedIn is a professional networking website which allows users to create professional connections with people. Through LinkedIn, people can create their resumes and promote their skills and engage with new assignments. In LinkedIn, people can create profile of Companies and engage other users with their company and promote their business activities.


Twitter is status updating website which is a part of social networking website and holds 13th position in Alexa ranking. This is a platform that allows users to update their status and stay connected with people on Twitter. So far, Twitter does not allow users to create separate pages or groups. However, you can create an official account with your business name.

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Social Media for Marketing
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Social Media for Marketing
Social Media is the most powerful marketing tool for your business. But learning its utilization for marketing is very important.
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