SEO Types – SEO Tutorials (Part-2)

SEO Types

SEO Types – SEO Tutorial Part 2

As discussed before in our previous SEO Tutorial that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast topic and it is summarized by forming different types. These SEO types can be said as steps of SEO because each type is necessary and skipping any type can slow down the whole process.

The steps of SEO Types start before the development of a website and continue till the website is live on the internet. The first step is Domain Research following the Keyword Research and Primary Keyword Identification. So the first type is named as Domain and Keyword Research.

Continuing the process of SEO, the step proceeds the research work and website development is On Page Optimization and further it continues with Content Development and Off Page SEO. However, SEO is not only limited to these types but applying all these steps can make your website boost on the search engines and gives a good rank. The types of SEO are explained below in this SEO Types Tutorial step wise.


Domain and Keyword Research

A Domain Research is required to check whether your domain name matches content of your website. A Keyword is required to define the prime focus of your website. It is very good to have your primary keyword in your domain name to get highlighted in search engines.

On Page Optimization

After first two steps, the important part is the development of the website. Proceeding the previous steps, we will jump to the On Page Optimization. The term, On Page Optimization means that your website meets the standards of search engines and your website must be responsive to the SEO. The term optimization refers to proper tagging and coding of the website. If you are using a WordPress hosted website, then this task can be handled through plugins.


Content Development

Content is the data which will be put on the website and people will check while accessing your website. The content you develop must be original and unique.

Unique, a word all search engines take very seriously. The search engine index your content and check that your content is unique or you have copied it from any other source available on the internet. A search engine can also easily check whether which content was uploaded on the internet first. Therefore, it classifies the original and duplicate content.

Off Page SEO

Other than optimizing the website and development of the content, a necessary part to develop links for the website through your primary and secondary keywords and increase the number of visitors on your website. These links can be purchased, exchanged and can be found free which will redirect to your website. The traffic can be increased by forming social media channels, profiles and groups with the name of your business or website.

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