SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization (Part-1)

SEO Tutorial

SEO Tutorial Part 1

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization:

In our SEO Tutorial you will learn that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a tool but a technique through which you can raise the ranking of your website. The ranking means the that on which number your website is coming on a search engine when the topic related to your website is search on it. Search engine optimization is the prime and essential thing for ranking high your website among other websites competitors. There are so many ways to perform optimization for your website therefore these all steps are gathered together and formed a term SEO and classified all procedures in the types of SEO.

Why SEO is Needed for a Website?

A website on the internet is always alone, it needs people to know about it. With SEO people are informed about the existence of your website on the internet and they access your website. Without SEO your website can be accessed only by people that heard about it through words by mouth but cannot find it on the search engines.

Who do the SEO and How Much It Cost for One Website?

There are so many companies offering the services of the SEO to their clients globally. It is not possible to calculate the amount which these companies charge for the SEO of a single website. The estimations depend on the size of the website and duration of SEO services. Most of the companies recommend service duration of minimum three months because the best results of the SEO come in three months. However, it is worth to mention about an internet services company, Integrating Venture, that offers SEO of a website for as low as $50 USD per month with a service contract of minimum three months.


What are the Benefits of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a primary as well as necessary component to get rank on the search engines. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo runs over an algorithm which consistently check the worth of the website. The worth of the website depends on the traffic you have on your website and links people giving to your website. To obtain links from other website for your website and to gain traffic, SEO plays a vital role to develop these both things.

How a Website is Ranked?

The ranking of the website is based on algorithms which reads the popularity of the website as discussed in the previous paragraph. There are a few internet companies which perform the task to rank a website. On the top of the list is Google, Google Page Rank is an algorithm which rank the website between 1 to 10 numbers. However, Google had stopped updating the algorithm of Page Rank but still it is worth more than other rankings.

MOZ is a top notch company in the business of Search Engine Optimization. They also provide services of SEO and also controls two types of rankings for a website, Domain Authority and Page Authority. Both DA and PA ranks the website from 0 to 100. If a website is above 20 on both DA and PA, then the SEO of the website is effectively working.

Alexa Rank is owned by Amazon, ranks the websites and tells a position of website in number among all registered websites on the internet. The ranking includes the position of the website at Global level and also provides the position number in the country where the website belongs. Alexa shows rank if the ranking is improved and within 30 Million websites.


How to Check the Results of SEO?

There are many tools available on the internet to check the results of the SEO. But not all the tools provide the accurate results. A few trusted websites can show the accurate results and share the status of your rankings, backlinks and traffic on the website.

Check Page Rank among other websites shows almost accurate results which includes, Google Page Rank (indeed it is no further updated by Google), Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa Global Rank, Alexa Reach Rank, Number of Backlinks and Number of Referring Domains. The website can be visited at to see the ranking status and backlinks of your website.

For checking the number of Page Views and Unique Visitors, a calculator of Worth of Web can be used at This website also provides an estimated worth of the website in US Dollars and also shows the capacity of earnings from ads of the website and calculates an estimated income on daily and monthly basis. However, it is only an estimation and it does not confirm the exact income from ads. It also shows the results of only those websites which have improved Alexa Rank within 30 Million.

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